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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Unique Competitive Advantage

A. Focus on the benefits I offer, the value I bring, and the results I seek:

1. I have been a sworn Traffic Hearing Officer for 7 years. This quasi-judicial position is one of trust. I am an insider—a person working within the justice system.

2. I am committed to teaching my clients about the system they are thrust into by their arrest. I unveil the litigation process to my clients. I reveal the workings of the Courts so my clients will be more confident during the progression of their case.

3. I dissolve the fears that my clients and their families have in order to remove the frustration they have from being arrested and charged with a crime.

4. I advise and teach my clients so that they will be able to make intelligent and informed decisions about their rights and their case. You alone have the ultimate say as to how your case will proceed from start to finish. It is the client's Constitutional rights that I protect; not mine.

B. Focus on how I serve my clients better:

1. If the best solution to your legal problem is for your case to have a negotiated plea, I will work diligently to iron out the best plea possible. I take the time to get it right, hammer out the details, and craft a successful plea for my client’s welfare.

2. If your case is one where a jury trial would be the best solution, I will try your case to win it! I will teach you all about the trial process so that you can have faith in our justice system. Remember, the key to liberty is the jury trial. You will be confident by the time the trial begins. You will overcome your fears.

3. I constantly and consistently work your case in every detail. I utilize a highly experienced private investigator, a top professional court reporter, and the best available experts such as psychologists, DNA, firearms fingerprint examiners and every field of expert needed to win your cass. We will labor over the details while crafting the correct solution to your case.

C. Focus on solutions:

1. Starting at arrest, the criminally accused [or the defendant] has a legal problem. These human beings are not a “lawbreakers” or a “criminals.” My labor is spent crafting the best solution to your legal problem. This will only be a temporary problem in your life. I am here to help you get your legal problem solved so fast so you can get back on track for your personal success. I will get you up and running again with a fresh new start for successful living.

2. Of the hundreds and hundreds of people that I have helped and hundreds of cases that I could talk about if you had time to listen, I have selected one case that our team won, a very high profile Miami murder, case to tell you about. I’ll call my client “Fabian.” Here is his story.

Fabian was here from Jamaica. He was a fine young man who loved music and worked in the music industry arranging concerts and promoting artists within the Reggae music community. He was based in Ohio but traveled to New York and Orlando for business and to visit his family. As time went on, Fabian was arrested on a federal charge of possession of drugs and sentenced to a term of years in federal prison in central Florida. While he was there, he never got into trouble. He was well liked by the inmates although he primarily stayed with fellow Jamaicans.

Fabian talked about his music business and some of the concerts he had arranged in Miami. Some non-Jamaican Miami based inmates thought that Fabian might have been connected with the home invasion murder of a well known and beloved DJ by the name of Albert Moss. “Uncle Al” as he was commonly known promoted “Peace in da Hood” concerts every summer in Miami. When he was gunned down for no apparent reason people were in an uproar. When his murder developed no suspects and went unsolved, the city mourned his loss and the outcry for justice kept going through the several years that followed.

The federal prisoners from Miami saw a chance to get their violent sentences commuted by telling the authorities that Fabian had confessed to the murder of beloved Uncle Al. They wrote over and over again to the lead detective. More and more inmates jumped in seeing this as their shot for freedom. Based upon their statements alone, the State filed charges against Fabian for second degree murder and sought to raise it to first degree murder with the death penalty. Fabian was brought to Miami jail. There he was repeated attacked by the Miami inmates. His teeth were knocked out.

When our team was called upon to defend Fabian, we got into action. We focused on dozens of witnesses in Ohio, New York and Florida. We began looking for them to obtain video taped statements in order to defend our client. We interrogated the numerous State witnesses from federal prison and sought to interrogate Fabians friends from the facility. They were too afraid to be witnesses because of retaliation from the jail snitch inmates.

Finally after a year of intense work, we cracked the case. Here’s how. If you were asked under oath to positively tell me where you were and what you were doing 7 years ago on say April 18th what would you say? How could you be certain and prove it in a court of law? This case was different. Uncle Al was murdered in Miami on September 10, 2001, at approximately 7:00 p.m. The next day was the infamous 9-11. Everyone alive then can tell you precisely where they were and what they were doing on 9-11, right? With that frame of reference, the Ohio witnesses knew for certain that Fabian was in Ohio because they remembered him calling them and telling them to turn on the TV to watch as the buildings came down. They knew he had been there in Ohio for weeks prior to that because one was the mother of Fabian’s child and he had to baby sit for her and the other was the woman called “grandma.” Fabian had brought her a grill at her house the day before 9-11 which was 9-10-2001. Fabian was in Ohio during the time of the murder and couldn’t have flown to Ohio on 9-11 because, as one witness pointed out, all the planes were locked down and nobody was able to fly anywhere after 9:30 a.m.

Because of the diligent hard work of the Defense Team on behalf of our client in whom nobody believed but us, we convinced the State to nolle pros the case and throw out the charges at the very moment that the jury was set to come in to start the trial. Oh yes, and Fabian is a free man today. He fully believes in the power of the Constitution and the jury trial system.

While we still mourn the death of “Uncle Al,” we will continue to fight for the fair administration of the justice system in America. A broken man, humbled by the awesome power of public opinion and the legal work of the team that stood up for his rights, Fabian lives free today in Jamaica.

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